About Kirsten...

    With over 13 years of experience across features, commercials, TV, branded content and the corporate world, Kirsten Coleman is a veteran in the field of makeup and hair designs. She served as the Makeup Department Head for Boots Riley’s debut film Sorry to Bother You. Her credits include, Edward James Olmos’ The Devil Has a Name, Brett Simon’s Better Start Running, Justin tipping's Kicks, Ian Olds' Burn Country, and most recently HBO’s highly acclaimed Euphoria starring Zendaya.

    Kirsten’s love for feature films narrative sets her apart, as she strives to create authentic and realistic character makeup that not only physically transforms an actor but also aide them in developing their roles. Her subtle yet effective techniques are designed to blur the line of realism on the big screen.  Her approach with makeup also focuses strongly on skincare and the use of products that are ethnically made with plant-based and organic ingredients.

    Kirsten is known for her strong artistic vision and style, which stemmed from her unique background. Her upbringing in the cultural and artistic hub of the San Francisco Bay Area was anything but conventional. She is daughter to a spiritual channeler and granddaughter to a renowned jewelry maker and artist. Having been exposed to the unorthodox in all areas of life, she gravitated towards the arts, taking an interest in painting, illustration, jewelry making, and graphic design. However, her love for makeup and hair design in her early teens eventually led way to attending the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology.  There her teacher and mentor, a union hair stylist, began taking her on film sets, exposing her to the world of film and television that she has called home since. She is currently based in Los Angeles and San Francisco and is a member of Local 706.



I.A.T.S.E 706 Union Makeup Artist





Lakeith Stanfield - "Sorry To Bother You"

Lakeith Stanfield - "Sorry To Bother You"

Jeremy Irons -  "Monumental"

Jeremy Irons - "Monumental"

Erin Gibson - "The Devil Has A Name"

Erin Gibson - "The Devil Has A Name"

Rachel Brosnahan -  "Burn Country"

Rachel Brosnahan - "Burn Country"